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Year: 2020

Client: Si Han Tea House

Photography: Hao Chen

CHA is a tea space renovated from a Chinese Song Dynasty style old building. The building is a wooden structure with two floors. Programs include an area for tea retail and display, tea ceremony space and a private tea room.


The most significant feature of the renovation is the use of translucent materials on the façade which changes the way the light moves. Under bright light, it appears white and blends in the surrounding context, whereas under low light, it reveals the delicate structure and interior activities to the public. In addition, daylight is filtered and enters the interior in a gentle way, allowing the light to become more consistent and smoother.


Meanwhile, simple but modest materials are used in the interior as a response to the tea and aesthetic philosophy of tea ceremony.


The building responds stylistically to the environment while also being functionally sensitive to the surrounding community. Outside, shaded sitting areas are provided to welcome the residents who live in the surrounding community to gather and rest.

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