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Year: 2017


City Study of Miami

The drug war, trade and industry in Miami belong to the city’s on-going collective memory, and have shaped a considerable segment of its history and imaginary. 
In the Magic City, names, places, buildings, landscapes, machines, and films resonate with the solid record of this phase of history and coincide with its memory. 
Can a museum for these indescribable and continuously shifting layers of urban history be a mere structure in a single place? Or rather, could it appear as a series of metaphysical interventions in the city fabric, a series of monuments, some permanent and some ephemeral, which can stockpile the collective memory and tell as honestly as possible the story of production, consumption, enforcement, distribution, and money laundering? To be sure, they must provide clues of how to connect with these fragment-like evidences, visibly or consciously, and create a symbiosis between tangible marks and dissociative memory.

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